Our Team

Founder of Ops Designed Liz Peterson

Liz Peterson

Liz got her start in non-profit management at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, learned the art of recruiting at Dropbox, and honed her skills in sales process mapping and design with a team of ex-McKinsey consultants building tech startups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She founded Ops Designed out of a desire to help a breadth of companies create amazing work environments for their sales teams and phenomenal outcomes for their customers. She's supported companies remotely since 2015.

When not helping clients scale their businesses, you’ll find her hiking around San Diego, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and snuggling her Miniature Australian Shepherd, Enzo.

Olena Maslonkina, Ops Designed

Olena Maslonkina

After getting her Masters degree in Economics, Olena started working as a data analyst and then later in software product development. She met Liz in the San Francisco startup world where Olena was responsible for coordinating the development of internal tools, writing user documentation, and preparing training materials.

Olena is passionate about helping users achieve their goals and find the best ways to automate manual processes. That made it a great fit to join Ops Designed where she works on process automation, programming, and documentation.

Olena lives in Valencia, Spain with her husband and two young boys. Whatever free time she has, she likes to spend reading, wine tasting or playing board games.

Anastasiia Nastya Tretiak contractor at Ops Designed

Anastasiia Tretiak

Nastya spent the first part of her career working in freight forwarding in the port city of Odessa, Ukraine, studying IT and QA engineering on the side. When the opportunity presented itself to join Ops Designed and hone her skills in low-code development, she jumped ship (so to speak). 

Nastya has always been passionate about helping others. At Ops Designed she fulfills this daily through developing time saving automations. She is also a life coach and helps her clients uncover their own strengths and empowers them to live their lives to the fullest. 

She has a Masters degree in Economics, loves yoga, ballroom dancing, coffee, and getting to know new people and cultures through travel.

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