Sales Process Mapping‍

Sales process mapping is a key component of creating your optimized sales state. Through mapping we identify the unique steps of your sales cycle and determine where process definition and automation can streamline your sales ops.

Your sales process map will:

  1. ensure all stakeholders are aligned on key components of your sales process including entry points, stages, data capture details, lost reasons and more.
  2. clearly define the ideal actions, timing, and outcomes throughout the sales process
  3. be the road for implementing and delivering your optimized sales state

How does mapping work?

Prior to mapping we’ll ask for access to existing sales tools and documentation and orient ourselves on your existing process. Minimal documentation? No problem, we’re pretty good at poking around and figuring things out on our own.

This project is completed over 2-weeks through two to three 90-minute mapping sessions attended by key sales team stakeholders (we recommend one to two people). The team at Ops Designed will guide the conversation and together we’ll explore your existing processes, discuss potential pitfalls, and explore where new tools, processes, and automations can streamline your sales ops.

An illustration of sales process mapping, from the entry point to end-won or end-lost.

I already have a process map. Can we use that one?

Absolutely! Your map will provide fantastic context for us as we get started with our detailed sales process map. The map we create together will very specifically define the what, when, where, why, and how for each step of your process and ensure there are no loose ends that could leave leads to rot in your pipeline for weeks or months on end.

A diagram of sales process mapping by Ops Designed

How do we start?

Schedule a free strategy session and we’ll discuss all the details together.

Additional FAQs

Does mapping include automating processes?

No. At the end of the mapping project, in addition to your detailed sales process map (yours to keep!), we’ll have identified and outlined the:

  • automations that need to be created
  • SOPs and email templates that need to be written
  • your CRM requirements
  • and your needs for team training and metrics / dashboard setup

From here, if you want to move forward with implementing your map, we’ll provide you with a detailed bid and timeline for getting your system and your team up and running at full capacity!

Click here to learn more about implementing your sales process map

I'm already using Pipedrive. Is this process still right for me?

Yes. Absolutely. Many companies come to me frustrated with their current Pipedrive setup or knowing they’re not using the CRM to its fullest potential. Before our first mapping meeting we’ll review your existing Pipedrive instance to understand how you’re currently using the tool. This jumpstarts our optimization conversation.

What type of companies do you normally work with?

Ops Designed primarily works with startups, solo entrepreneurs, and small to medium sized businesses looking to make a step-change in how they do business. If your company is looking to get more done in less time, create better customer experiences, or finally get a handle on your sales metrics, let's chat.

Will you advise us on sales best practices?

Yes. Because we don’t know your business or industry as well as you do, we can’t create your sales process for you. We will, however, share best practices to reduce friction in your sign up process, improve conversion and response rates, and, or course, save your team time!