Sales Process Optimization & Automation

Once we’ve completed your sales process map, we’ll dive into creating your optimized sales state. (Did you skip the sales process mapping step? Don’t worry, it’s common to want to jump ahead, but "mapping" is a crucial first step. If you missed it, head back over here and check out where we’ll start.

In this project we will:

  • configure your Pipedrive CRM
  • build all of the mapped automations
  • create your Sales Process Playbook (complete with demo videos galore)
  • have live trainings to onboard your team
  • and finally, create custom dashboards for you to track your sales progress long into the future

Configuring your CRM

Custom stages, details fields, important and required fields, products, lost reasons… We’ll have defined all of this and more as a part of creating your sales process map, so first-things-first, we’ll customize your CRM to fit your specific sales process.

Pipedrive Pipeline setup

Integrations and Automations

On day 1 we’ll start integrating your tools. Stage by stage we’ll build out your automations, create embedded SOPs in activities and email notifications, and test to ensure everything is working exactly as documented in your map.

An illustration of an integration flow from emails to notes, ending with sales

Sales Process Playbook

Once we’ve gotten a start on automations, we’ll create documentation your sales team can use both to learn the system and refresh on processes as needed. 

Does your team like to watch and learn? Great. Every single process will be documented in a demo video (like the video below). Does your team prefer to read? Perfect. We always write a description of each automation flow as well!

Automation Documentation Spreadsheet

At the end of our build you’ll have anywhere from 15 to 50 automations built in Zapier. So, when you want to change a time delay on specific zap from 2 days to 3, how do you find that particular zap? The answer is, the Automations Documentation Sheet.

An automation documentation spreadsheet by Ops Designed

Live Training

Videos are great. Playbooks are great. A working system is great.

However, at the end of the day, nothing beats live demos, working sessions, and Q&A. We’ll do those too. Some teams may want a lot of live training, others may want to review the handbook, use the system for a few weeks, then have a working session to ask questions. Whatever’s best for your team we’ll build that into your project scope.

Ready to get started?

Great! Schedule a free strategy session and we’ll dive right in. When we meet, we’ll discuss your business, answer questions about our process, and get your project on the calendar.