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The Problem

Everything Creative Designs (ECD) was using a variety of tools to manage contracts, payments, and their database prior to working with Ops Designed, but nothing was working great. Their main pain points were:

  • The clunkiness and time spent creating quotes and contracts
  • Chasing down payments after contracts were signed

The Process

We mapped out their existing processes related to creating quotes, contracts, and collecting payment and identified the major issues. This was then converted into a requirements list defining what a great tool would provide. Contracting tools were researched and ultimately PandaDoc was selected as it’s able to house templates, integrate with Pipedrive, and collect payments.

We mapped exactly what we wanted to happen between systems identifying triggers, actions, and any manual steps required in between.

A diagram of sales process mapping for Everything Creative Designs (ECD), created by Ops Designed

The Result

At its most basic level, we built the following:

Based on a stage change in Pipedrive,

  • a quote is created in PandaDoc for the specific deal
  • an activity is created in Pipedrive for the sales rep to review and send that quote

Then, when a quote is approved,

  • an activity is created in Pipedrive for the sales rep to create the contract
  • The contract is created automatically by another stage change and can be sent in a flash.
  • The client can then sign and pay the contract in one step saving the rep from having to call to collect payments or, worse yet, driving around in traffic trying to pick up physical payments.

This implementation saves the team hours on every quote AND provides a much improved customer experience. We call that a win-win.

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