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Maximize Your Revenue By Optimizing Your Pipedrive Setup

The path from initial contact with leads to securing the sale should be a straight line. But if your CRM isn’t optimized, you could be losing time and losing sales. Get back to efficiently converting leads to sales with an Ops Designed Pipedrive Working Session.

Having an unoptimized CRM dramatically increases the likelihood that you’re missing sales

When your systems and salespeople aren’t keeping track of potential customers, you’ll wind up with:

An inefficient and ineffective CRM

  • Wasting precious time making manual updates
  • Inability to measure the performance of your sales team

Underperforming sales reps

  • Dropped or slow communication with hot leads
  • Missed leads and appointments
  • Prolonged sales process
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Book a Pipedrive Working Session and optimize your setup in hours

  • Learn how to send the right message at the right time, leading to unprecedented conversion rates
  • Get answers to your burning Pipedrive questions customized to your sales team and your sales process
  • Never again miss a lead, appointment, or sale opportunity
  • Maximize the benefits of Pipedrive; grow your sales and improve customer relationships

Stop wasting time hiring or digging around the internet for answers.
Book your 90-minute working session and we’ll optimize your Pipedrive set-up to drive more sales in less time, with your existing team.

What’s covered during a Pipedrive working session?

Your strategy call is custom for your business, sales team, and sales process

In your session, we’ll take your burning Pipedrive questions and give you answers entirely based on your business. The calls can include topics such as:

How to best structure your Pipedrive data

Building a solid database foundation

The structure of Organizations, People, Deals, Pipelines, and Detail fields is foundational and crucial to creating a sales process…

  1. Your reps can follow
  2. Where success can be measured

In our session, we’ll review your existing setup and make changes that will enable you to use your sales data down the road for continual process improvement. For example...

  • Do you have 12 different pipelines?
  • Are you using Organizations?
  • What about the Leads Inbox?
  • What custom detail fields are you using?
  • Have you pre-programmed lost reasons or custom activities?

Your CRM is your database and your database fuels your business. We'll make sure you've configured your database for long term success.

Pipedrive metrics and creating Insight Reports

Build solid reporting and learn how to access need-to-know data

We’ll get data flowing such that you can FINALLY create the reports you’ve been needing to know. We'll help you identify your best lead sources, top-performing sales reps, most sought after products and more!

We’ll answer nagging questions like:

  • How long does it take to win a deal?
  • How many days do you spend chasing opportunities that you ultimately lose?
  • Which sales rep is closing the most deals?
  • Which sales rep is bringing in the most revenue? What about margin?
  • How are sales trending compared to the prior month, quarter, etc.?

Key features to grow YOUR business

Deep dive into features uniquely impactful to your business

Pipedrive has loads of features to help all different types of businesses better manage their sales process. However, not all features apply to every business and it can be difficult to prioritize without an expert guide. We'll help you navigate the features that will serve as the biggest needle-movers for you and your customers!

Among many other things, we’ll answer questions like:

  • When do you need multiple pipelines and how should you define the stages in each pipeline?
  • Should you use the leads inbox?
  • What email sync settings is best for your sales process? And should you be using Calendar sync? (Hint: probably not!)
  • What happens when you mark a deal as won or lost? Doesn’t it disappear? (No, it doesn’t. And yes, you should be doing this…. otherwise you’re missing out on valuable process improvement data!)
  • How can Workflow automation be used to better support your sales reps?
  • How will custom person/org/deal detail fields get you the metrics you’ve been dying to know?
  • Should you pre-program lost reasons? (Yes!) How many? What about activity types?
  • How can Insights get you the reports needed to measure your team’s performance?
  • What if Insights doesn't have a report you need? Is there another way to get the data? (Yes, definitely!)

Gain the Pipedrive knowledge your business needs to succeed

Ops Designed is a certified Pipedrive partner and trusted Pipedrive expert. The tips, tricks, and quick-wins we can share in a single 90-minute working session will help you to:

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Build a Strong Foundation

Optimize your Pipelines, Stages, and Detail Fields, and determine how your company can best use Leads, Organizations, People, and Deals. This is a crucial step to meaningfully measuring your sales performance down the road.

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Accurately Track Your Sales

Learn how to create valuable reports. And use these dashboards to reward your best performers, thank your best referrers, and more!

Pipedrive won lead, icon

Efficiently Convert Leads to Sales

Create a system that is more efficient and effective at converting leads to sales and supporting your sales reps to success.

Liz Peterson, Ops Designed
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Who is Ops Designed?

Ops Designed is owned and operated by Liz Peterson. Liz has been working with Pipedrive since 2017. Her years of experience, coupled with her love of process design and efficiency will cut your Pipedrive learning curve down from weeks to hours.  

Liz Peterson, Top Rated on Upwork with a 100% job-success score, will use her extensive knowledge of Pipedrive and how it integrates with other tools to educate you on how Pipedrive can streamline sales, free up your time, and enable you to make informed business decisions.

In addition to a 100% success rate, Liz offers a 110% Money-Back Guarantee, so you can book with confidence.

Book a Session With Liz >

Client Testimonials

We had the pleasure of meeting with Liz recently, and I must say that her knowledge and expertise in Pipedrive are deep and truly remarkable. She provided us with invaluable tips and tricks on how to make the most of our CRM solution using best practices and things that are applicable vs advertised. She was able to implement some solutions on the spot, during the meeting without having to look into it or getting back to us. Her knowledge can be tailored to different specific business needs. She took the time to understand our requirements and went above and beyond to ensure that we are maximizing our software and seamlessly integrated into our workflow.


Liz was incredibly helpful in getting our company started with Pipedrive. She properly assessed our company's CRM needs, and helped us design a pipeline and data structure that made sense for us. From there she gave us a download on all the basic functions in Pipedrive and how they would specifically help us. Overall an awesome experience that helped us onboard our entire team to a new tool that's going to give us great returns.

Alec @ Field Unit

I spent 90 minutes with Liz walking through our current use and new potential uses for Pipedrive. She was amazing!

Brad @ Ashdown Capital

Whoa, Liz knows Pipedrive. She's confident, fast, and knows her stuff. I wish we'd used her from the start, rather than making repairs however, the upgrades and updates are under way.

Mike Stapley at American Family Insurance
Mike @ American Family Insurance

Spending 90 minutes with Liz helped clarify the trajectory of our sales pipeline and helped us determine that investing additional resources will yield a great sales design specific to our needs. Looking forward to doing additional process design work with Liz.

headshot of Lee West at Hiphen
Lee @ Hiphen

Liz is an excellent resource if you want help learning how to use Pipedrive or if you want to customize it completely to fit your organization's needs! Liz provided very clear and quick explanations to accomplish various tasks in Pipedrive. I HIGHLY recommend Liz if you are wanting to customize Pipedrive or just get more familiar with its basic functions!

Headshot of Bianca Manzo of VGF Group
Bianca @ VGF Group

This was a thorough and informative experience. I would do this again.

Photo of Miranda Caldwell
Miranda @ Miranda Caldwell

Liz was very knowledgeable and very thorough. She was able to explain things in a way that I could understand and would spend as much or as little time as needed on each topic within the timeframe to make sure I was able to do it myself going forward. Liz was also able to quickly learn what my needs are specifically for my industry, which was something I was worried about.

Headshot of Heshie Goldfein Goldcap Real Estate Advisors
Heshie @ Goldcap Real Estate Advisors

Liz is an expert! We were very happy with our strategy session and learned so much from Liz! Great experience and looking forward to taking the next steps.

John @ SignBird

Answered my questions, explained things so I could grasp, went at my pace! Great interaction and great personality.

Monica from Vibravision
Monica @ Vibravision

Liz is great to work with. She helped us get our pipeline reporting setup and the new reporting is already improving our team’s work!

Arthur from SolarAPP
Arthur @ SolarAPP

Liz is the greatest. She is very analytical and an expert at process automation in Pipedrive. Responsive and delightful to work with. A++++

Giavonn from Cascadia Global Security
Giavonn @ Cascadia Global Security

What’s included

Pre-work to understand your business
Prior to your live training, Liz will research YOUR industry, YOUR business model and YOUR unique sales process. Then she'll apply her Pipedrive expertise to create an agenda for your Working Session focusing on features that will save you time, improve reporting, and help you win more business.

90-minute live call
Your 90-minute call will be tailored to your highest priorities which you’ll share in advance via an intake survey. During our call we’ll move as quickly or as slowly as is best for you. Afterwards you’ll receive a video recording of the call which can be used for personal refreshers and new hire training.

PLUS: Personalized recommendation on your Pipedrive data Structure
Ops Designed will walk you through whether your business should be using Organizations, who should be captured as People, when you should be creating deals and what, how, and where you should be storing lead data.

Resource bundle (bonus!)
How-to guides, videos, and other resources catered to the needs of your individual business.

Not sure if an Ops Designed Working Session is right for your business?

Pipedrive Working Session

Limited time offer
Book a Pipedrive Working Session
  • Years of Pipedrive Premium Partner experience
  • Hours of pre-work specific to your business
  • 90-minute live session
  • Session recording
  • Bonus resources
  • Personalized Pipedrive data structure recommendations
We offer a 110% Money-Back Guarantee, so you can book with confidence.

Bottom line, book a Pipedrive Consultation and see the results in YOUR bottom line

Stop wasting time and stop fighting your CRM. Book a Pipedrive Consultation and get to the heart of how Pipedrive can finally work for, rather than against, you!

Book Your Pipedrive Working Session Today

Frequently asked questions

Need more information on whether a Pipedrive Working Session is right for your business?

Who would benefit from a Pipedrive Working Session?

1-20 person sales teams that:

  • Are new to Pipedrive or are currently using Pipedrive, but lack confidence they're using features in the best way for their business
  • Want clarity on sales rep actions and peace of mind that customer interactions aren’t falling through the cracks
  • Are wanting to learn more about workflow automations and build workflows that will create efficiencies for their business
  • Know the benefit of Insights (Dashboards/Metrics), but don’t know how to set up  reports to track their most important metrics
  • Are ready to effectively systemize sales and close more business than any year before
How does the Pipedrive Working Session work?

The Pipedrive Working Session is broken into 3 parts:

  1. You will complete a Pre-Working Session Intake Assessment. This will take you 10-20 minutes and provide Ops Designed with all the information needed to curate the most effective 90-minute session for your business.
  2. Ops Designed will customize a 90-minute working session for your business and you’ll be able to get your questions answered live with an expert.
  3. Ops Designed sends a Post-Session Resource Report which includes links to articles and demo videos for relevant features so you can continue optimizing Pipedrive on your own. You will also receive a video recording of your session. 
Should I book a Working Session or Consulting Hours?

By booking a consultation, you’re getting hundreds of hours of value at a fraction of the cost. Beyond the 90-minute consultation, Liz conducts pre-work catered to the needs of your sales team and an up-to-date resource report which is rich in additional recommendations saving you hundreds on consultation hours.

After the Working Session, you'll have the option of booking additional time with Liz.

What are the next steps after I’ve booked my consultation?

After booking your working session, you will receive a calendar invite and confirmation email with your Zoom link. You'll then be asked to complete the Pre-Working Session Intake Assessment, which typically takes ~15 minutes.

Liz will review your submission and curate your session content to make the best use of your 90-minutes. Then, all you need to do is join the call at the scheduled time and get ready to have your jaw drop!

How do I get started?

Book your Pipedrive Working Session on Calendly here. After booking your session, you’ll be routed to fill out the Intake Form and we’ll have everything needed to prepare for your session. After that, you just leave it to Ops Designed to put together the most effective (and quickest) plan to scale your business using Pipedrive.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We currently have 100% job success score, but we understand that we may not be a perfect fit for everyone.

We offer a 110% money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your working session and feel like you wasted your time, we’ll pay 110% of your money back! Just reach out to and we’ll get you sorted out!