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Integrating Calendly and Pipedrive Using Zapier

The Calendly:Pipedrive Zapier integration is one of my favorites. 

At its core, here’s how it works: When a lead books an appointment via Calendly, Zapier will automatically:

  1. Find and update the lead's deal in Pipedrive
  2. Send calendar invites and confirmation emails
  3. Send appointment reminders
  4. React, as needed, if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled

Here's a basic flow of what the actions could look like in a Process Map (but remember, every action is customizable):

A flow chart for a Calendly:Pipedrive integration using Zapier

And here's what that map looks like in action:

Here's what I love most about this integrations:

  • Scheduling is easy for your leads
  • Your sales reps stay in the know about bookings, cancellations, and reschedules
  • In a snap, anyone who needs to know can quickly understand how leads are progressing through the sales pipeline

Want to see the "lead" side of Calendly for yourself?