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Fixing a Leaky Plumbing Funnel

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The Problem

Ops Designed was contracted to map the sales process for a Boston-based home services company offering Plumbing and HVAC services. The project goal was to better understand deal conversion and sales rep attribution. Ultimately we also identified a major opportunity to streamline their top-of-funnel lead management. 

The Process

Every mapping project starts with the question, “Where do you get new leads?” In this case, the business owner replied with a few sources. When I followed up with, “And where is the new lead contact information captured?” the answers ranged from “a handwritten note on my desk” to “my personal email,” “an answering service email,” and “the customer service team.” We quickly identified the need to streamline all inbound leads into one place (Pipedrive!) that could be efficiently managed by the Customer Service team. 

A diagram of sales process mapping by Ops Designed

The Result

Ultimately we identified 8 unique lead sources ending up in 5 different physical and web-based locations. Using Email Parser by Zapier and Mailparser we mapped a process which would automatically funnel all leads into the Leads Inbox of Pipedrive. The result? A lead management system which enabled the customer service team to work faster, connect more often, and never again miss an inbound lead.

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