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How to Integrate Pipedrive and Jotform

Integrating Pipedrive and Jotform

How do you collect data from your customers? What are you using to create your forms? How is your team entering all of the important details of a new deal into Pipedrive?

If you’re not happy with the forms you’re using, or if the data collected isn’t efficiently integrating into your workflow and helping your business, it may be time to see how Jotform and Pipedrive can make that happen.  

Below we’ll answer the questions:

What is Jotform?

Jotform is an online form builder. It’s full of features to create the forms you envision for your business while helping to collect the customer and sales data you need to keep moving forward. Paperwork shouldn’t slow you down. 

Jotform is trusted by over 15 million users worldwide in various industries, including small businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions. Large corporations like Ford, Red Bull, and Adobe also use Jotform to improve workflows.

If you can imagine it, there is a very good chance that Jotform can help you create it. 

Why Use Jotform?

For example, Jotform allows you to use conditional logic to make forms more personal by hiding form fields, requiring additional information based on specific answers, sending emails to users after submission, or showing different thank you messages. As you’re probably well aware, the more personalized your message and simple your process, the better chance for more signups, leads, and customers. 

Making forms also just scratches the surface of Jotform’s capabilities. You can convert your forms into apps to make it even easier to have them completed, you can set up submission approval flows and create editable PDFs. 

When you use automation to bring Jotform data directly into Pipedrive, it proves even more powerful.

How to Get Started Using Jotform with Pipedrive

Step 1: Set up your Jotform Account (There’s a free starter plan that lets you make up to 5 forms while still using all the features.)

Step 2: Create your first form, for example a form to collect new customer data

Step 3: Set up or login to your Zapier account

Step 4: Click Create Zap and select Jotform as the app you’d like to use as a trigger. For the event, select New Submission and then choose the form you have created.

Step 5: In step two of your zap, select Pipedrive and Find Person. Pro tip: Search for the person using the email submitted in the Jotform. This will prevent duplicates from being created in Pipedrive. Checking the box “Create Pipedrive Person if it doesn’t exist yet?” converts this step into a “Find or Create Person in Pipedrive” action, which is exactly what you want.

Step 6: In step three of your zap, select Pipedrive and Create Deal. Here you will be able to create a deal in Pipedrive and connect it to the person you either found or created in the previous step.

That’s it! You’re ready to have a new person found or created and a new deal automatically created any time this form is completed.

Watch as I walk you through the steps:

Need More Help to Make Pipedrive Work for You?

Pipedrive is a powerful CRM that can be a game changer for your business. That is, if you are using it to its fullest potential. Integrating Jotforms with your Pipedrive sales process allows your team to capture and automate data more efficiently, so they can focus on the higher level–revenue generating–tasks.

Are you using Pipedrive but can’t seem to get the automations and integrations to work the way you want them to? Tired of wasting hours reading articles and watching YouTube videos just to find you’re in the same spot? 

Schedule a Pipedrive Strategy Session, and we can teach you to do what you need Pipedrive to do for your business.