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Converting Paper Forms to CRM Data

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The Problem

A premium life insurance provider approached Ops Designed asking for a way to bring opportunities out of email and into a centralized database. The company was struggling when a Case Designer was out, in the dark about their pipeline leading to large swings in delivery time, and worried what would happen if a Case Designer left.

The Process

In our first mapping session we uncovered that all opportunities originate with an email from the end client’s financial advisor to the internal Case Designer. 

We then asked:

  • Is there a core set of information required to get started on Designing a case? Yes.
  • Would advisors be able and willing to complete an online form to communicate this information? Yes - and they’d probably prefer it.
  • Would it help the Case Design team to collect this information in a single form rather than pulling it piecemeal out of emails? Yes.  

And through this line of questioning we’d identified our first process improvement opportunity. 

We ear marked the opportunity to revisit after learning more about the overall process. In all we identified five opportunities where a digital form could save the team loads of time. So we then we got to researching solutions.

A sales process map for a premium life insurance provider

The Result

Based on cost, UI, security needs, and complexity of integrations, Jotform was selected as our digital form provider and Pipedrive as our CRM. So how did these systems work together? Based on a specific form submission, opportunities (Deals) were either newly created or found and updated in Pipedrive. 

The deal creation ensured that all Case Designers had a handle on the overall pipeline of opportunities and the fact that the Jotforms continually updated Pipedrive deals, ensured that any Case Designer could step in and help when needed.

Taking this one step further we were able to add on a layer of smart automation based on responses. For instance, if an end client was not a US Citizen, the Foreign National Jotform was required. That form would then automatically be sent out based on the Citizenship question response, and, if it hadn't been received within 2 days, a reminder activity would be created for the Case Designer to follow up.

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